Salary in Germany? Here, we can get some idea!

Are you moving to Berlin for a new job opportunity?

It’s amazing, you are coming to the center of Europe with a job!

But, MONEY MATTERS A LOT, especially in a new city. You should know the annual salary proposed by your new employer is enough to live an enjoyable life here or not. (Especially after tax.. Here singles pay 40-50% of tax every month, so what really matters is netto (net amount after tax).

So I’d like to introduce a great website where you can estimate your salary. It’s called

You enter the website, put your job title (for example, web designer, web developer or product manager and etc) and importantly, the city you’re planning to move.

In Germany, salary and living cost vary from city to city. For example, Berlin is a lot cheaper compared to Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Hamburg. So is the salary. So you really have to put the name of the city to get a more realistic estmiation.

[Marketing manager salary reference in Berlin]

Munich’s range is higher than Berlin! (But, living cost is higher, too!)

[Marketing manager salary reference in Munich]

In an example above, you can see the marketing manager in Berlin earns from 26,970 – 53,655 pro Jahr (per year) which is very broad range, actually. This depends on career level from student intern to senior marketing manager.

If you scroll down and explore more you can see more more specific range of each company. This gives you an idea on average maximum would be 47000-50000 euros.

This website is great because it helps you to apply for the position with some range in your head, instead of doing it out of blue.

I hope this information helps your decision to move to German city, take a job and also estimate your living cost in the city!!

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