Welcome to Arreteca.com, our couple blog!

I am Ariana from South Korea, the digital marketing expert.   And, my boyfriend, Ang is a web designer from France!  We’re an international couple living, working and above all Loving in Berlin, Germany!

Me and Ang in Prague

So, what’s Arreteca.com?

This is the French phrase that Ang tells me the most often, literally means ‘Stop it!!!!’  Whenever I tease him and annoy him, he says ‘Arrete(avec)ca’, and I  hate to hear that, but find it pretty funny. So, it became kinda jokes b/w us!!

So, what’s gonna up on this space?

Mainly, this is to share our couple story like

  • How we met
  • What’s like to be Korean & French couple
  • How we ended up living in Germany when none of us is German!
  • What is like to work in Korea and German
  • How we are going to get married and plan things

Also, the city we’ve lived and experience

  • What’s like to be in Seoul and Berlin – Is it fun? Is it expensive? German/Is it safe? and so on


  • Travel stories (I’ll try to travel as much as I can while I stay in Europe!)
  • Job stories
  • Food stories
  • Anything come up along the way!

We’ll mainly post in English, but sometimes will add French or Korean translation, and hopefully German one day.

Both Ang and I will be posting to share the perspectives of both of us, I believe it’d be more interesting and also fair.

Then, stay tuned for the next posting !!!

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